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    Clock in smarter

    It's time to upgrade your employee management system. Highly accurate facial recognition technology can get your employees from photo to dashboard in just seconds. 99.99% guaranteed.

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    Personalized dashboard

    Once clocked in, your employees can access several features from their fingertips. Clock in, clock out, update profile, view weekly schedule, submit a time off request and view their inbox. 

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    Employer management

    Employers are provided with a plethora of management features, both accessible in the app and from the web panel. Manage employees, create & update schedules, send out messages, manage time off requests and manage payroll all-in-one. 

What's in it for employees?

With Clockifi, employees have greater insight and gain valuable trust with their employer.

Personalized Dashboard

Each employee gets their own personalized dashboard, topped with a photo, name banner and ability to update profile regularly.

Access to Information

Employees have so much more access to management and the workplace. Schedules & messages make it easier to trust your employer.

SMS/Email Notifications

Employees can subscribe to be notified of new messages, new schedules and updates on their time off requests - via SMS and or email.

How about employers?

Clockifi offers employers a suite of features that make management issues a thing of the past.

2-Channel Management

Clockifi offers employer management both in the app and the web panel (desktop), both being intuitive, responsive and easy to use.

Schedule Management

Clockifi offers employers an intuitive schedule creation & updating tool, accessible from the app and web panel. Quickly shoot new schedules live.

Employee Oversight

Clockifi provides employers with so much valuable oversight into employees, including to-the-minute transcripts/logs & payroll expenses.

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Facial recognition tech

Employees can now clock in with ease. Highly accurate facial recognition technology can get employees from photo to dashboard in just seconds. Clockifi’s true facial recognition functionality puts you in control and ends buddy punching forever. No more lost revenue. This time you’re in control.

Scheduling is a breeze

We’ve given managers and employers the ability to create & push out weekly schedules right to employees’ phones & emails. With the Clockifi all-in-one Manager Panel on both the app and desktop you create, modify, update new or existing schedules and push them out to employees right away.

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Beautiful dashboards

We’ve created beautiful dashboards for employees to view their upcoming schedules, review important communications, request time off and update their own personal profile. Everything was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

The app is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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    Activate your Clockifi Membership

    Once you, the manager, purchases a membership with Clockifi, then go ahead and download the app from the Apple App Store. Once in, click the 'Activate' tab to get started. Type in your secret 4-digit access code we sent you in an email, and you're all set. 

  • Tap
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    Tap the Screen!

    Simply click on the real-time clock to begin taking your live photo.

  • Facial rec
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    Smile for the camera!

    Clockifi uses 99.6% accurate facial recognition to clock you and your employees in. Just tap the scree, smile and wait less than 3 seconds to be directed to your personal dashboard.

  • dashboard
    Viola, your dashboard!

    And there you have it, your personal dashboard. From here, you can access your profile, clock in/out, view your schedule, leave a time off request or view your inbox. Everything is so much easier for employees.

Do I need an iPad to run the app?

Yes. Currently, Clockifi is only available for iPads. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store. It's compatible with iOS 7 through 9. 

How many employees can use the app?

It depends on the subscription plan (see them above). Each plan allows you a certain number of employees, and then locks you from adding more employees once you reach the threshold. Consider upgrading your plan at that point.

How accurate is the facial recognition?

We have tested the process more than 250 individual times and it has worked all but once. We estimate an approximate ~99.6% accuracy rate.

Where can employers manage everything?

We offer the employer (manager) the ability to manage employees, schedules and payroll from either the app or the web panel. Employers can clock into the app like normal to access management features. Click the 'Login' tab at the top of this website to access the web panel.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. Click the 'Free Trial' option above to get a 14 day, limited access trial.

Still have questions? Email support@clockifi.com for help.